Run the marathon, but do not lose sight of the goal.

Do you find yourself feeling tired and questioning what you’re doing with your life lately?

I’ve met with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship since getting into it about two years or so ago. There were times when motivation was soaring and I believed that I could completely achieve what I’ve set out to do. And there were times when I doubted my abilities in continuing. I’ve come to know from experience that the latter happens far more frequently in the realm of doing business. In recent times, this is what I have been experiencing.

What I’ve learned along the way is that having the purpose to doing something is far more important than any other resource that a person could have. This is true not only in business, but also in all areas of our lives, such as relationships, health, and so on. It’s fairly common to observe how two people could feel the total opposite about the same jobs that they are holding, despite being from the same family and financial background. With similarities in external resources, this could only mean that the difference in how they feel stems from how they think.

Many clients share with me about the struggles that they have in their careers, relationships, or health. Building skills is one way to deal with these struggles. However, one very important aspect of overcoming challenges is finding the purpose in going through with it in the first place. There is no other way to this. Whatever it may be, or wherever the inspiration may come from, nobody else can arrive to the answer of my purpose but me.

Keep the fire burning. Source:
Keep the fire burning. Source:

It is much harder to hold on to that something when the going gets tough. It is very easy to stumble when taking the hits. I couldn’t have asked for a better team, who have been completely dedicated towards reaching our desired goal. Seeing the fire and determination in them made me question myself. Do I have that fire in me?

The truth is, I’ve been taking the hits for the past two years. Just like a tired fighter in the boxing ring, he has to keep himself from falling, and to focus on delivering one hit at a time. And the only way to keep that focus and for that fire to keep on burning is to purposefully and repeatedly discover why I chose to be in it. Constantly rediscovering my purpose is what will keep my anchor within arm’s reach and to keep me grounded during all the times when the soul is weary.

As a personal reminder: run the marathon, but do not lose sight of the goal.